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Surface Protection Products

Sharklet patterned film-based products are applied to high-touch areas to reduce bacterial contamination.


Medical Devices

Sharklet Technologies integrates the Sharklet pattern into the surfaces of medical devices to reduce bacterial colonization and migration.




Leading companies choose the Sharklet pattern for the surfaces of products to create chemistry-free bacterial inhibition.

Sharklet™ – Textured Film

Your converted film-based products can now feature Sharklet™ — the world’s first micro-texture that inhibits bacterial growth. With no disinfectants, antibiotics or chemicals, Sharklet is an environmentally friendly approach to keeping surfaces cleaner. Use Sharklet-textured films as an overlaminate on frequently touched surfaces or products where cleanliness is desired. Sharklet reduces bacterial contamination on surfaces by approximately 90%. Learn more >>

Our Technology

Sharklet™ is the world’s first technology to inhibit bacterial contamination through pattern alone. The Sharklet surface is comprised of millions of tiny diamonds arranged in a distinct pattern that mimics the microbe-resistant properties of sharkskin. Sharklet Technologies puts the pattern into adhesive-backed films and manufactures the pattern into medical devices and consumer goods to inhibit bacterial contamination. Sharklet is a simple, cost-effective solution for bacterial control.

Learn more about our breakthrough in microorganism management.


FLEXcon Advances Biomimetic Technologies with Successful Film Application in Collaboration with Sharklet Technologies. Read more >>

Learn how you can integrate the power of the Sharklet™ pattern into your products. Sharklet provides a clean, safe, and non-toxic way to help control bacterial contamination. Contact us to explore how to put the power of the Sharklet pattern to work for you.